Virgin Broadband

Virgin currently offers the fastest broadband packages in the UK with speeds of over 150Mbps on their superfast fibre optic deals. In this guide we talk you Virgin broadband and explain the different options and packages they have available.

What makes it so fast?

Virgin broadband is delivered in a different way than the majority of the broadband packages from the other major providers. It provides fibre optic broadband via its cable network, which doesn’t rely on copper telephone wiring to work; and the cables allow the data to travel along it much faster. This means Virgin can offer the fastest speeds and their packages don’t require a landline.

Advantages of Virgin Broadband

Speed: As previously mentioned Virgin offer the fastest broadband speeds currently available and because of how the connection is delivered the speed and quality of your connection isn’t affected by how far you live from a telephone exchange.

Level or service: According to Ofcom – the communications regulator – Virgin have among the lowest levels of customer complaint and the highest levels of customer satisfaction of all the major broadband providers.

Free repairs and support: All Virgin broadband customers are entitled to free servicing and repairs should any issue arise with your router or broadband connection. Virgin customers also can enjoy round the clock technical support.

Disadvantages of Virgin Broadband

Coverage: At present Virgin broadband is only available to around 60-70% of the UK. To find out if your area is covered use a postcode checker.

Cost: Although Virgin does offer the best speeds and arguably offer the best overall broadband service, it does come at a price. Virgin’s fastest 152Mbps package costs more than £40 a month on its own. However if you sign up for one of Virgin’s bundle deals you will save big.


Wireless router: All Virgin customers who sign up to a broadband package get a free Virgin super hub wireless router.

Security: Sign up to Virgin broadband and you’ll receive their media security anti-virus software, worth £39.99, for free. This can be installed on up to three PCs, but isn’t yet available for Apple Macs and iPads.

Packages available

Although Virgin offers a wide range of packages they offer three different broadband speeds: up to 50Mbps, up to 100Mbps and up to 152Mbps. Each is available ad either a standalone service where you don’t need to pay line rental, or as part of one of their bundle packages which can include, depending on which one you choose, a TiVo digital TV service, home phone service or a SIM only mobile plan. All of Virgin’s broadband packages come with unlimited usage; meaning you can download and surf the web as much as you like without worrying about facing penalty charges. And Virgin has also relaxed its fair usage policy which means there won’t be peak time slowdowns should you sign up.

Compare Virgin Packages

Being one of the major providers, Virgin obviously offer a wide range of deals, so the best way to separate them and see which one is right for you is to use a comparison website. They let you search through what’s available based on what you need and should help you come to a decision about which Virgin deal to go with. A good tip with comparison sites is to check more than one as they sometimes don’t always have all the offers currently available so you could be missing out.

You may bundle up your broadband with many different options - tv, phone line, channels. Prices can be also negotiated if you are a long term customer so make sure that you speak to them first rather than continuing your contract. Also, great bundles are available to new customers so if you are looking to switch - keep an eye on their deals.

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