Unlimited Broadband

All the major broadband providers are now offering a multitude of packages that come with unlimited broadband, meaning in principal you can surf online as much as you want as often as you want each month without having to worry about being charged for. However, unlimited doesn’t always mean unlimited and broadband providers have now added the caveat that all unlimited packages come with a fair usage policy which can see your download speeds or the amount you can download is temporarily capped during peak times. In this guide we talk you through unlimited broadband and explain in greater detail the effect fair usage policies can have on your online activities.

Deciding on whether you need unlimited broadband

Not everyone will need an unlimited broadband package so looking at how often you’re online and what do on the web will allow you to see whether you need unlimited broadband or not. Some broadband packages have clearly stated caps of limits and light users who only go online to send a few emails; watch the latest cat videos on YouTube or do a bit of online shopping you’re highly unlikely to breach many data limits. However, if you go online to download movies and music, play online games or stream the latest television shows then you’ll be burning through serious amounts of data and an unlimited package will not only handle all your needs it will also offer peace of mind and prevent you from being charged for downloading too much.

Advantages of unlimited broadband deals

- You can browse, download and stream as much as you like

- Your connection speed won’t drop when you reach a certain usage threshold

- On truly unlimited broadband packages there is no traffic management system in place to measure out usage during busy periods; so you won’t have to worry about your connection and download speed dropping

Fair Usage

As previously mentioned unlimited broadband doesn’t always mean unlimited broadband and most providers now have some form of fair usage policy in place on their packages. These are specifically designed to temporarily cap the usage of individuals who regularly download more than 40GB of data a month. This ensures that the heaviest users of the internet don’t impact on the speed and reliability of the broadband connections of others. Fair usage policies are generally only put into practice during peak hours.

Unlimited broadband extras

Due to competition the major broadband providers are now offering a whole host of extras on their unlimited packages in a bid to win your business. One such extra is the option to bundle your phone and TV services into your unlimited broadband package. This will reduce your monthly outgoings and give you one easy to manage bill. Some providers also offer unlimited broadband deals that come with incentives such as cheap or free broadband for an initial period of the contract.

 Another incentive could be a voucher to use at a certain shop or services, reward card or money off vouchers. Many offers are to be taken online only amd for new customers. It is not always worth the hassle to switch suppliers so make sure that you have made your calculations first before you opt in for a change. 

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