TV Broadband

Bundle packages are becoming more and more popular with consumers in the UK as they allow you to combine your broadband, TV and/or phone services into one easy to manage package. These deals are also popular because they offer big savings when compared to signing up for separate services individually. In this guide we talk you through TV and broadband bundle packages and offer advice on what to look for if you’re considering signing up to one.

Compare each element of the package

As well as looking at the cost of a package, it’s just as important to inspect each element of the package as if you were buying it on its own. For the broadband part of the package consider:

Type of user you are: Are you looking for your first broadband package or are you a self confessed internet addict, either way by working out what type of user you are and roughly how much of your time you spend, or plan to spend, online you can choose a package that fits your needs.

Speed: This will be dependent upon what type of user you are, there’s no point looking at deals with super fast or fibre optic broadband when all you plan to do is occasionally go online to check a few emails or do a bit of online shopping.

Data Limits: When looking at data limits on the broadband part of a package make sure you check to see if there are any charges for going over the limit, as paying a for a bit more data each month will be less expensive than opting for a package with too little data.

When looking at the TV side of the package consider:

Channels: Obviously the amount and type of channels that come with the TV part of the package will be a major factor in your decision of which deal to go for. So much like you should work out what type of internet user you are, look at the packages that come with the channels you usually watch as well as ones that you plan to watch to avoid paying out for channels you simply don’t want.

Type of set-top box: This will be dependent on the channels you want, so you can either go for a simple Freeview box or you can choose more complicated Sky or Virgin boxes that come with hundreds of channels and the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV.

TV and broadband combined: If you look at TV broadband packages you’ll see that most providers now offer TV on demand or on the go services via web portals. This means you can now stream live TV to your smartphone, tablet, or computer by using a Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection.

Freebies: In an effort to stand out from the competition most providers offer some form of freebie or extra to sweeten the deal. This can include things like a free wireless router, tablet or even high street vouchers.

Compare TV broadband packages

There are a lot of TV broadband deals currently available, so the best way to separate them and see which one is right for you is to use a comparison website. They let you search through what’s available based on what you need and should help you come to a decision about which provider to go with. A good tip with comparison sites is to check more than one as they sometimes don’t always have all the offers currently available so you could be missing out.

The cheapest deal available on the martket at the moment is at £22 per month only with Now Broadband. You get broadband, 14 TV channels, unlimited landline calls.

If that is not enough for you, Virgin are offering a bundle worth buying at £29 per month. The broadband speed is quite good at an average of 100+ mbps, 80 TV channels and weekend landline calls are also included. 

On the higher end is Sky where for £75 per month you get broadband, 150+ channels including sports ones and pay as you go landline calls. 

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