A Guide To: Relish Broadband

In June 2014 UK broadband launched a new service called Relish, which does away with the need to have a landline to connect to the internet and the need to pay line rental. The service also offers speeds of up to 50Mbps and next working day delivery, meaning you can be connected straight away. In this guide we review relish and assess whether it can save you money on broadband.

How it works

With the amount of people choosing mobile phone deals offering unlimited calls or a lot of free minutes increasing, landlines are becoming redundant. Relish taps into this by eliminating the need for a landline all you need to do is plug in a router to gain access to the internet. Relish also includes a mobile service where users can carry a small device called a ‘pocket hub’ which allows 4G access to the Relish network when carried around London. When taken outside the capital the service runs on 3G provided by mobile network Three.

What does it cost?

It all depends on which plan you choose. If you opt for unlimited home broadband you can receive the router for free by singing up to a yearlong contract paying £20 a month. If you don’t want to sign up for a year you can instead pay £50 upfront for the router and pay £20 a month on a rolling contract. The mobile unit is free for customers in a 12 month contract, but for anyone choosing the one month option it costs £25 upfront. Relish also comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, meaning you can use it for two weeks free to see if it is right for you.

Compare it with other providers

Of course we all want the best deal possible on our broadband so to see if Relish offers the best value for money for you the best thing to do is compare its offers and packages to those offered by the major existing providers. It’s also worth checking any customer feedback you can find so you can get an even better idea of the service you can expect to receive.

A word of warning

When it was first launched Relish was only available to people living in central London, but there were plans to expand the service to the rest of the capital and across the UK, so at present you’re area may not be covered. If you go onto the Relish website and enter your postcode you’ll be able to see instantly if the service has reached you.