No Contract Broadband: find the best short term deals

No contract broadband offers the greatest flexibility of all the broadband packages currently available on the market. You may be considering a no contract package because you’re currently in temporary accommodation, you’re planning to move soon or money is tight. Whatever the reason may be there are several options available; in this guide we talk you through those options and offer advice on how to choose the best no contract package to suit your needs.

What it is

Put simply no contract broadband does require a contract commitment from you but only on a monthly basis. These one month rolling contracts let you pay for your broadband connection on a month by month basis and means you have the option of cancelling or switching deals at a moment’s notice. However, due to their nature many of the big providers steer clear of offering no contract packages so you may find you choices limited when compared to other types of broadband.


There are a number of advantages to no contract they include:

Easy to cancel or switch: If you sign up to a no broadband contract then if your circumstances suddenly change and you can easily cancel your deal without having to worry about paying a large fee to do so. Also if you see a better more long term deal you won’t have to wait long to see out your contract before you’re free to switch.

Flexibility: If you’ve shopped around for the latest broadband deals and aren’t impressed with what’s available, by signing up to a no contract package you can wait for changes in the market and new better deals to come along.


Cost: In order to supply you with broadband for a month you may find most providers will charge a substantial amount to cover their costs and guard against you cancelling or switching after 30 days.

Limited Choice: As previously mentions the major providers steer clear of offering no contract or month by month rolling broadband contracts so you’ll be left with a limit choice of much smaller suppliers.

Extra Charges: On top of paying a substantial sum when compared to other types of broadband package every month, opting for a no contract deal will usually mean you’ll also have to pay for things that are typically free with most broadband deals, such as set-up/installation fees or routers.

Other factors to consider

Speed: The speed advertised on broadband deals isn’t always what you actually get when you sign up, by using a postcode checker you’ll be able to get a more realistic sense of the speed you can expect.

Data limit: The amount of data you can download each month before being charged a penalty won’t differ that much when compared to standard broadband packages. However, you’ll struggle to find many unlimited deals.

Line Rental: Many forget to factor in the cost of line rental when choosing a standard broadband package and if you’re considering a no contract deal this shouldn’t be any different. Although the cost will be broadly similar when added to other costs it could make or break whether you decide to choose a no contract deal.


Now Broadband - no contract, no upfront fees, average speed of 11 mbps. They offer higher speeds as well if you need and you can even also add Sky package to your broadband. 

Virgin Media - 30 day contracts are available with speeds of  54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps and 362Mbps. You can add phone and tv to your deal.

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