Guide to cheap mobile broadband

Mobile broadband is a great innovation offering the opportunity to stay connected to the internet no matter where you are. All you need is a laptop, computer tablet or a smartphone and mobile connection. You also need to be in an area where 3G is available (everywhere where you have a phone signal). Best coverage at the moment is offered by Three and then followed by the team of Orange & T-mobile.

How to get connected?

Mobile broadband is mainly used on mobile devices, tablets or smartphones using the 3G connection operated by the selected provider - Three, Vodafone, Virgin, O2 or the 4G connection offered by EE only at the moment and soon to be available with Three.

Mobile broadband gives access to the internet via a dongle, sim card, modem or MiFi. They are usually plugged into your broadcasting device and you’re ready to go. You will receive one of these when you get your deal on cheap mobile broadband. The best bit is you don’t have to pay money for anything else than you mobile broadband connection – that means no landline rental. That's a saving of £120!

Make you choice between pay as you go, contract or sim only(data) mobile broadband contracts.

3G or 4G?

3G is shortened from third generation. This has been the mobile broadband standard connection available to most UK users for many years. Now there's the newer type - 4G(forth generation) with speeds up to 5 times faster than 3G. At the moment it is only available to EE customers but rumours are spread that Three will offer it to their customers free of charge with an instant upgrade.

If you want faster mobile broadband opt for 4G. It will cost you a bit more and is restricted at the moment only to the bigger cities and a few providers. 3G will offer a greater selection of providers and is widely available.

Who would benefit from cheap mobile broadband?

There are many users that enjoy broadband connectivity anywhere but they can be divided in the following big groups:

Business users – flexibility is everything in business today and the mobility this type of connection offers is great for business users and their customers. It’s also helpful when you need to prepare for important meetings on the go – on the bus or the train.

Students – they don’t have permanent address and in some areas this may be the only way for them to stay connected.

Travellers – if you like to travel and don’t want to settle down then buy yourself a dongle and stay connected.

Anyone else who wants anywhere anytime broadband connection.

Cheap mobile broadband packages

One of the best providers on the UK market at the moment for cheap mobile broadband is Three. They offer 18-24 months contracts and 1-15 GB monthly download allowance. The cheapest package starts at just £7.87 a month on an 18 months contract with 1 GB data and the most expensive one is £15.99 for 15 GB downloads on a 24 months contract. They give the USB sticks away for free when you sign up with them. Their speed is also one of the best offered for mobile broadband – up to 21 MB.

T-mobile offer an 18 months contract with 10 GB downloads a month for £15. Slightly slower speed – up to 7.2 MB but you still bag a good bargain. The USB stick is offered for free.

If you decide that you don’t want to sign long term contracts, you can find cheap mobile broadband on prepay as well.

T-mobile will give you a deal for £29.99 with 90 days usage included and once that’s finished you go by the following charges - £2/day, £7/week or £15/30 days.

Take your time to compare the offers. We recommend uSwitch as the most helpful price comparison site for cheap mobile broadband.