Buyer's Guide To Getting Broadband On A Budget

There are plenty of expensive high speed and bundle broadband packages, but if you’ve looked at those packages and decided they aren’t worth investing in then there are a range of cheaper options that might be just right. In this guide we talk you through those options and tell you what to look for when searching for broadband on a budget.

What you may find

Obviously if you want a cheap broadband deal there are going to be some things that will be limited no matter which provider you choose. But you may find decent offers with: 

Fast speeds: fibre optic broadband is the fastest and most expensive when it comes to broadband so if you want to save money on a package you may have to put up with much lower speeds. The good news is that recently most of the major providers are offering superfast speed broadband.

Unlimited data allowance: the cheaper the broadband package the smaller the more you’ll be limited in how much you can download, they’ll be ok for casually web browsing and sending emails, but if you want to stream or download music, films and TV shows you might want to think about upgrading. Again - most fibre optic broadband plans come with no usage caps.

Free extras: some of the packages on offer come with extras thrown in like a free wireless router, free installation vouchers or if you sign up to a certain deals you can get 2-4-1 cinema tickets every Wednesday. However, if you choose a cheap broadband package you’ll be getting just what you need to connect to the internet and nothing more.


There are also a few things to be aware of if you’re thinking of signing up to a cheap broadband deal, failing to take these factors into consideration can help you avoid packages that might appear cheap but in the long term will end up costing you much more than you expected.

Line Rental: a lot of the major broadband providers are guilty of offering what appear to be seemingly unbeatable cheap broadband deals where it only costs you a few pounds every month, but what many people don’t realise until it’s too late is that this doesn’t take into account the cost of line rental. This can drive the price up and make the overall deal far from cheap.

Free or reduced price deals:  a lot of cheap broadband providers advertise deals that offer half price or, in some cases, free broadband for the first six or 12 months. These deals can seem appealing but after the initial period of you paying a reduced fee or enjoying free broadband the price can suddenly shoot up and you’ll realise that by the time the contract is up you won’t have actually saved that much. Additionally these deals usually come with some form of financial penalty should you decide to switch before your contract is up.

Cheap Broadband Checklist

To make sure you get the cheap broadband package you want check out or list below:

Price: look around for the cheapest broadband deals, and closely check those with the right level of service that suits your needs.

Speed: as mentioned above cheap broadband deals may come with superfast speeds, even so you should still be able to find packages that operate around 25mbps.

Data allowance: as with speed you will be limited in what’s available but you should still find deals that offer at least 20GB per month.

Extra costs/hidden charges: make sure you check the cost of line rental, equipment costs or the price of installation before signing up to any cheap broadband package.

Why not bundle: If you’re considering a cheap broadband package, it’s worth checking if you could save even more by bundling in phone and TV services from the same provider.


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