BT Broadband: What You Need To Know Before Signing UP

One of the big four broadband providers in the UK – Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin being the other three – BT was one of the early adopters of broadband technology. Nowadays they offer numerous different packages at varying prices to suit pretty much anyone and everyone's needs. Thinking about signing up for BT Broadband? Here's what's on offer and what you need to know.

What does BT offer?

ADSL Broadband Yes
Fibre Optic Broadband Yes
Call Packages Yes
TV Packages Yes 
Mobile Phones Yes
BT Sport Yes
Sky Sports, Now TV, Netflix Yes 


BT TV packages currently available

Flexible packages: BT’s offers 5 flexible packages: Sport, Big Sport, Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP. You can change from one package to another once every 30 days when signing a 24 month contract. Broadband and line rental with free weekend calls is included in every package. You can add or remove Sky Sports, Now TV and Netflix every month. Prices start as little as £5 a month. 

Classic package: you get premium entertainment channels with 100s hours on demand for the price of £9.99 a month. Although you can not change your plan during the 24 month contract you still will be able to add Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport and BT Kids. 


BT Bundles

As well as offering broadband BT also offer several bundle packages that come with TV and phone service as part of the deal. The BT TV service offers access to around 70 Freeview channels – as well as the BT sport channels and catch up TV services via a Youview set-top box.


BT Deals

BT offers 3 fibre broadband plans for 24 month contracts as prices for each plan vary depending on the speed.

* Fibre Essential is the cheapest one and you get 36Mb for streaming and browsing on one or two devices at once for £27.99 a month.

* Fibre 1 will cost you exactly the same price but you will benefit from getting average speed 50Mb on few devices at once. 

* Fibre 2 will allow you do the same on a lot of device with upgraded speed to 67Mb, but that will be more expensive and will add £34.99 to your monthly payments. 


> Store files, photos & entertainment with up to 2000GB secure cloud storage.

> Same monthly price after the end of your contract.

> Free BT Smart Hub with super reliable Wi-Fi.


Compare other BT Deals

As BT are one of the major broadband providers they have an array of different offers, so to narrow down the choice and find the deals that best suit your need make a quick visit to a comparison site.

Please check the up-to-date deals as they may vary from the ones at the moment of writing this article.


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