Broadband Packages: Get bundles & offers on HD TV, broadband and calls

When it comes to choosing a broadband package there are several things you need to keep in mind. As well as more obvious considerations such as connection speed and cost, you’ll also need to be thinking about data allowance, contract length and any hidden charges – like how much it’ll cost if you go over your data limit but want to keep using the internet. In this guide we talk you through all those considerations.

Bundled Deals

These deals are becoming more popular with the major providers, as well as including broadband bundled package also come with home phone, TV and in some case, mobile phone plan. Consolidating services in one package deal can not only bring down the total cost and save you money but make it easier to manage as it will be all in one monthly payment. Although there are more factors you need to consider when choosing bundle deals as all service are of different nature and have to suit your needs things like connection speed, call rates, line rental, and cost of the contract. As some providers offer seemingly unbeatable rates for the first few months then hike up the price for the remainder of the contract. Others will try to attract you by offering rewards, cash back or even technical gifts.


How often are you online?

By thinking about roughly how often you go online you’ll be able to work out if you are a light, medium, or heavy user – or you’re looking for your very first broadband package. Doing this will help you work out what package you’ll be needing and will help you know what to look for when you go looking for the package that best suits your needs.


Do I need unlimited broadband?

As well has working out how often you go, or plan to go, online and by factoring in the sort of things you do while on the internet – e.g. do you go on just to check your emails or do you stream TV shows, play games etc. – it should help you better understand how much data allowance you’ll need and help to narrow down the choices available to the ones that best suit you. Working out what amount of allowance you’ll need each month can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the amount you use the internet and what you go online for changes from month to month. But generally speaking if you’re just a bit of light browsing and sending a few emails should only require 2-3GB per month. This will steadily increase the more you go online and if you’re a particularly heavy user and are consuming more between 30-40GB per month. Your best bet is to look for an unlimited package, that way you won’t have to worry about hidden charges for breaching your allowance limit.

If you use any of the following internet services, you will probably be better off with unlimited broadband:

> Catch-up TV

> Netflix movie streaming

> YouTube

> Backing up photos or videos to online Cloud storage

> Online gaming



Depending on where you live can depend on what type of broadband is available to you, as well as affect the service you can expect. If you live in a major city or town then you’ve got a choice of pretty much every package currently available, all you need to do is follow our advice and work out which one is best for you. However, if you live in a small town/village or in a really rural area you can see what kind of packages are available to you by using a postcode checker. These are used by all the major providers and by tapping in your details you’ll be able to see not only what the coverage is like in your area, but also what the best deals are near you.


Do I need a broadband package with superfast fibre?

Superfast fibre uses fibre optic cables to deliver the internet to your home. The minimum speed is 38Mbps which is much faster than ADSL, which is delivered over a copper telephone line.

Superfast fibre optic broadband is available with broadband packages from the likes of Virgin Media, Sky, BT and EE, and is the best possible option for people who intend to stream TV or download large files.


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