Your guide to broadband & free laptop deals

Broadband is a common thing now in our lives. People need to stay connected for the sake of work, contacts with friends or relatives, or just the day to day news browsing. . If you want to enjoy a broadband connection outside any building you will have to consider wireless broadband and a laptop or a tablet device instead of a desktop computer. This is where the broadband and free laptops deals started their huge success

Why go for broadband & free laptop deals

The best thing is that you don't have to pay a lump sum if you need a new laptop. You spread the cost and in the meantime – enjoy the mobility of the broadband connection and the laptop you chose. The devices offered with this deal are usually with the latest specifications and some of them are not bigger than a small book.

Length of contracts

The average length of a broadband & free laptop contract is 24 months. This is quite long considering that you oblige with technical devices such as laptops that offer greater specifications in every newer model. Also speeds are constantly improving so it's likely within some months to see better deals.

Is there a catch? Free laptop?

The answer is yes and no – you don't get the laptop completely for free although you will get it at a lot lower price (sometimes almost free) than what you'd normally pay at any retailer. The most important thing is when looking through these deals is to calculate what price you'll pay over the wireless connection and see if the laptop is priced well. Sometimes it may work out cheaper to get the broadband and the laptop separately although this is rarely the case.


There are two main ways of internet connection used in the laptops on offer – built-in and on a separate USB stick (dongle). Both ways use 3G technology to connect.

Built-in broadband – it is a convenient option as it's built in and you don't have to remember to bring you broadband dongle with you everywhere.

USB stick – this option allows you to share the connection with another device – PC, laptops, tablet, etc.

Broadband & Free Laptop providers

Three – when it comes to Three, usually there are a number of free laptop deals on offer, have a look on their website.

O2 – another mobile broadband provider with free laptop deals.

Virgin Media – Virgin Media free laptop deals enable you to get a highly rated laptop with generolus usage limits.

Considering iPad instead?

With the rise of tablets, such as iPads, laptops have now lost popularity somehow. Brodband and free tablet deals are now much more common and accessible than free latop deals. Watch out for broadnand and free tablet deals from all major UK broadband providers - such as Sky, TalkTalk, BT and Plusnet - by regularly checking their websites.

Take your time to select between the different deals and work out how much you're actually paying for the laptop itself. If not satisfied – buy the laptop and the broadband separately.